What Makes Synectics Agriculture Different?


Developing Eco-Environmental Friendly products to recondition the contaminated soil with organic matter supplement, and to enhance soil minerals (Trace Elements) composition for a longer term of crops development and soil protection in the future

After several years of crop rotations and heavy chemical (Mostly Pesticides) applications, our soil structure for water penetration, oxygen input and nutrient absorption had been disrupted badly in recent years. Organic matter and mineral source are highly essential for regeneration of soil condition.

Therefore, our mission is to develop Eco-Environmental Friendly fertilizers & beneficial nutrients to recondition contaminated soil with natural organic matter supplements, and to enhance soil mineral (Trace Elements) composition for longer term crops development and soil protection.


Continuously develop optimal solutions and bio-organic fertilizers for the entire agriculture sectors. We are ensuring a sustainable growth in eco-environmental system, reduce earth emission and restore our mother nature.

eco synergy organic fertilizer

Enriching lives by transforming the world's natural resources into products that is safe to apply

Nitrate Base

Nitrate based fertilizer provide nitrogen from both the Ammonium and Nitrate. These will rapidly melt in water to allow the nitrogen to release into soil.

Amino Acid

Fundamental elements which are needed for plants to make proteins. It's also one of the primary energy sources for tiny soil microbes lived in soil bed.

Humic Acid

Humic acids are an excellent natural and organic way to provide plants and soil with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.


Natural mineral include a broad spectrum of over 75 metabolically active minerals and trace elements including Soluble Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorine & Sodium.


The Eco Synergy Organic Compound Fertilizers is Malaysia first fertilizers that uses hybrid technology that fuses natural organic substances and trace mineral materials unlike any other. These substances come in the forms of ions like Ammonium, Potassium, Sulfate and Ferrous Iron which are easily absorbed up by crops and less vulnerable to loss via leaching or volatilization.


SNT Argriculture had worked intensively toward responsibly of transforming the world’s natural resources into products that is safe to use, feed the world and enrich lives. Through the development of new technology and sustainable processes, we are improving agricultural yields and bringing more healthy end products to the table.


With years of research and development, SNT Agriculture aim to provide better products to improve agriculture operations across the world. We believe that through innovative, continuously improvement, agriculture can increase harvest yields and quality in green and sustainable ways.

Enriching Lives by Transforming the World’s Natural Resources Into Products That is Safe to Apply

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