9-9-9-9+3MgO With Azomite® & Fulvic Acid

Benefits :

High active water solubility helps the product becomes easier to dissolve and better nutrition uptake. The multi-layer compounding technique enhances the fertilizer stability and is long-lasting for storage with no damage to nutrient elements. The uniqueness of this product increases crop yield, promotes early maturity, improves the quality and taste of the crop’s products.

Better nutrient absorption
Improve water retention and utilization
Promote crop growth and early maturity



Azomite & Fulvic Acid

Benefits :

SNT Hybrix FRASS Premium was manufactured through a 100% Bio-fermentation process with additional Azomite and Fulvic Acid. It’s toxic-free and safe to use/apply to plants and soil. There were no inorganic chemicals/substances added into this natural pure bio-fermented organic fertilizer product. Hence, the total nutrients value for N, P, K, and Mg is about 8%. An additional 5% Azomite® provides more minerals and trace elements for plants growth enhancement and soil replenishment. Other elements/substances such as silicon and chitin in the product, mainly help in the plant’s defense system. Besides that, plants will eventually grow better, healthier, and nutritious with the application of effective microorganisms, bio-stimulants, and enzymatic components. Last but not least, organic matter with fulvic acid will promote the chelating process, minimize nutrients loss, and enhancing nutrient uptake efficiency by the plant.

Improve plant’s growth performance
Improve soil structure, soil fertility, and soil organic matter
Chitin substances help in plant’s defense system

BASIC Bio-Organic Fertilizer


Humic Acid & Effective Microorganisms

Benefits :

SNT Basic Bio-Organic Fertilizer is the new generation organic fertilizer from plant based such as soy bean, coffee bean & Wheat. It consists of Humic Acid and 16 types of MICROBES which include Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus lichenformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus mensentericus, streptococcus, Nitrobacter, Pseudomonas, etc.

Enhanced Soil Fertility for better root growth and crops quality
Increase soil water retention, heat preservation and ventilation
Replenish Essential Minerals for healthy crops

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