SNT pH Moisture Meter

Why do we need pH Moisture Meter ?

  • Correct soil pH is essential to ensure optimal plant growth and crop yield, because it allows nutrients to be freely available for plants to take in.
  • Testing the pH of your soil helps to determine what plants are best suited for that area.
  • Sometimes soil needs supplements, like fertilizers and soil pH adjusters, for plants to be able to thrive. Measuring the pH can help you figure out what and how much you need.
SNT pH Moisture Meter


  • Determine the soil pH and moisture value to ensure the production of quality crops
  • Optimizing soil pH that matched specific crop requirements with the instant cross- check
  • Moisture level aid in watering time and volume to suit the crop growth phase’s requirement

The Effect Of Soil pH On Plant Growth

  • In soils that are highly acidic or highly alkaline, key minerals and trace elements may not be available in sufficient quantities for plants to grow properly
  • Extremes in pH levels can also mean high concentrations or more accessible forms of minerals such as aluminium, which can be toxic to plants
  • pH levels affect the microbial processes that allow organic matter to decompose and deliver nutrients to the soil.
  • Certain species have a preference for more acidic or more alkaline conditions, depending on their nutritional needs

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