Phosphorus Acid 400 Xtra


2in1 Anti-bacterial + Foliar Fertilizer

Benefits :

Superfoliar Phosphorus Acid 400 XTRA is an impressive vaccine for plants, it has the functional properties of nutrient fertilizer, and it doesn’t contain pesticide ingredients but can exert the effect of bacterial antibody. It is a new product that uses special raw material phosphide and organic active potassium, and is scientifically proportioned by high temperature reaction. Phosphorus Acid 400 XTRA is not only a P2O3+K2O fertilizer with EC trace elements, but also a systemic sterilization. It will not produce resistance after repeated use, and the utilization rate and absorption rate are more than 2 times that of similar products.

Unique bactericidal effect, suppressive treatment and immune prevention; canker, blackhead, root rot, powdery mildew
Serve as Bio-Stimulant, With a variety of chelated trace elements, quickly replenish nutrients.
High-efficiency phosphorus oxide (P205) and potassium (K20) promote flower bud differentiation, improve fruit set rate, and initiate root development and growth.



Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Nitrogen

Benefits :

Superfoliar CaBMag which is specially formulated from a solution or Calcium, Magnesium, Boron and Nitrogen are suitable for many types of crops. It is specially formulated according to tropical rainforest climate by using high quality raw materials from Belgium, its EC Liquid function has great effectiveness to crops. Superfoliar CaBMag is commonly used as a foliar feed for preventing Calcium and Boron deficiency in fruits and vegetable crops, reduce fruit shedding and abortion rate.

Enhance the quality of crops
Increases flower and fruit production
Prevents depletion of the elements Calcium, Boron and Magnesium



Polyglutamic acid, amino acids and peptides

Benefits :

SuperFoliar Phosphorus Lα-Amino is a liquid organic biostimulator based on Polyglutamic acid, amino acids and peptides. Amino acids act as natural complexing agents to various nutrients and stimulate the plant's absorption of dissolved nutrients from the soil and foliar applications with trace elements. Due to the excellent surface adhesion of SuperFoliar Phosphorus Lα-Amino, the absorption of trace nutrients through the leaf surface is improved. The direct benefit of amino acids is that they will be taken up by the roots and leaves and are readily available as building blocks for protein biosynthesis. This saves energy for other plant metabolic processes such as yield formation. Amino acids and peptides are a further nitrogen source for the plant while N mineralization takes place in the soil.

Stimulates Nutrient Uptake by The Root System and Through Leaf Surface
Improve Biomass Production and Capacity of Yield
Promote crop growth and early maturity

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